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We organize cooking workshops and gastronomic tours to support the social projects of CEDNA.

What is CEDNA?

CEDNA is a non-profit organization with almost 15 years of experience in Cusco that helps the families of the rural and urban areas of Cusco with very low income to improve their quality of life. How?  We train them in health and nutrition to fight malnutrition and anemia of children less than 5 years old. Also, we support them to get a job or start their own small business by training them in, for example, assistant-cook, bakery, maintenance, etc.

To learn more about our social programs, go to www.cedna.org.


When you have cooking classes with us you support the social projects of CEDNA.

Cooking classes with a social touch.

The people have their trainings in our training facility center, and guess what: you will have your classes there too!

It is close to the city center and we will pick you up from wherever you are.

We offer two different courses:

Cooking Workshop

Do you want to learn how to cook Peruvian, vegetarian, international, … for a convenient price? Then this workshop is perfect for you! In this two-hour cooking class you will learn to cook great dishes and have a tasting at the end.

Gastronomic Cooking Tour

Go for the full Peruvian experience where you go to the market, learn about the local ingredients, prepare your Peruvian menu and enjoy your own creation in our restaurant!

Do you want to learn how to cook Peruvian and at the same time support a local NGO?

Then come and cook with us!.


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Favorite Dishes

Here we show you some of our favorite dishes which you will learn to cook with us … !!!

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